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שאלות ותשובות

  • Where do you get the details of the elderly?
    We receive most of the details from the welfare department in the city or from various associations, and there are also direct inquiries from seniors who have heard about our activity and want to join.
  • How much food should be prepared?
    Our goal is to allow the elderly to enjoy a meal on Friday and Saturday (that is, at least 2 dishes). But it is very much up to you - if you notice that the elderly need more food beyond these portions, you are welcome to cook more according to your ability and comfort.
  • Should I also sit with the elderly or just bring them the food?
    We come to the elderly to fill the plate, but absolutely also the heart: the food is important, but we are here to create for them a supportive community and a human encounter. It is important to know that most of the elderly look forward to the weekly meeting to talk and share about their lives, and you should be interested during the visit if they want to sit and talk a bit.
  • What do I do in case I am sick or have another problem to cook on the date I received?
    The activity in a group model helps us a lot in such cases because you can easily exchange with another friend or company in the group. If it still doesn't work out, we will do our best to help and support you.
  • Is it possible to help the elderly with other things?
    It is completely possible and even desirable. If you are exposed to additional needs of the elderly, you can help and support them (alone or as a group) as much as necessary. What is more, it is very important not to advise or intervene in medical, economic or family areas.
  • How will I communicate with my group members?
    We communicate through a joint WhatsApp group, where each group has a coordinator who is responsible for assigning the dates to the volunteers.


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